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It's convenient, but not a cheap way of moving on Taicang.
The payment is :
- the first 3 kilometers is 9 RMB and 2 RMB for every kilometer after 3km.
- at nighttime the fare is 30 percent more.
- you should pay for the first 3 kilometers regardless of distance was passed.
- waiting 5 minutes equals traveling a kilometer.


The net of bus routes in Taicang is well developed. As a rule the ticket price does not exceed 2 RMB. There is one problem only - to grasp routes and to find necessary bus stop. You can buy "Taicang Traffic Map for Tourists" in "XinHua Book Store" in center of Taicang. Ther is perfect bus routes scheme.


Mainly private carriers are taxi drivers on motor tricycle with plywood booth. As a rule they work on outskirts of Taicang. The fare is 5 RMB on average. Private carriers can't drive on highway and in center of Taicang.

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