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Nanyuan Park, covering an original area of about 6,000 square meters, was a place where Prime Minister Wang Xi-jue relished Plum flowers and raised Chrysanthemum during the period of wanli in Ming Dynasty. In early Qing Dynasty, Wang Shi-ming, a painter and grandson of Wensu extended the park by inviting the master of rockeryconstructing of his time in charge of the project. The two masters of painter and architect collaborated on making the park historically famous one with natural integration of garden art and painting art. The Park ranked the first of its kind among the parks at county level in the Qing dynasty, but later was destroyed in wars.

Support by the City Government Nanyuan Park was redesigned and rebuilt according to its original pictures and drawings. The park has some ancient buildings with historic value moved inside in the transformation of the old streets, gradually restoring its primary scenic spots like Gateway Arch, Embroidering Snow Pavilion, Fragrant Wave Pavilion, Dahuan Pavilion, Celestial Hall For Crane and Plum, Cold Azure Boat, Pool Mirroring Veranda, Long Corridor and bridges, pavilions etc.

The present Nanyuan Park is characterized by wide scenic view with gentle hillock and valley, intercrossing rivers and streams, its waterscape accounting for one third of the park. Inside the park are bridges over flowing streams, pavilions and towers with their shadows reflected in the water. The park boasts its sweet-scented flowers all the year round with plum in spring, lotus in autumn, chrysanthemum in autumn and bamboos in winter, and towering trees and clusters of bamb°° here and there. The delight in the garden buildings and amusement in the open space constitutes a natural, graceful and beautiful picture of water, hillock and gradual slopes.

Open time (local):
7:00 - 17:00
20 RMB (1$ - 6,9 RMB)
How to get in this place:
from center of city - on foot
or take a taxi
bus No. 100,105

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Entrance in the park - 31°26,659'N, 121°06,685'E
  2. Bus-stop near the park 100 and 105 - 31°26,680'N, 121°06,709'E
  3. Stadium near the park - 31°26,833'N, 121°06,591'E

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