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Yanshan Park, which used to be Haining Temple in Song Dynasty and Mianlian Nunnery in 960 AD is over 1,000 years old and boasts its humane relics like Sea-Gazing Peak in song Dynasty, Sea-Linking Spring in Ming Dynasty, Iron Cauldron in Yuan Dynasty and Momiao Pavilion.

With a view to carrying on the long-established garden art and using for reference the ideas guiding the creation of famous Yanshan Park in Taicang history, in the year of 2003 with the fund from the City Government, Taicang Park underwent all-round rebuilding and extension, digging rivers and heaping up mounds, transplanting many tall trees and restoring ancient buildings and over 20 scenic spots such as Yanshan Hall, Jiashu Pavilion, Nodding Stone, Fensheng Pavilion, Little Rainbow, Nine-Turning Bridge. The park, covering an area of 36,630 square meters from original 22,000 square meters, presents a new look, reflecting typical South-Yangtze scenery with small bridges over flowing streams, pavilions and halls, trees and grass here and there, making it an important tourist resort in searching for Taicang's ancient culture.

Stepping into the Park, you will find yourself delighted, excited and cheerful, and lingering on without any thought of leaving.

Open time (local):
7:00 - 17:00
20 RMB (1$ - 6,9 RMB)
How to get in this place:
from center of city - on foot
or take a taxi
bus No.100,103,104,106,107,109,114, etc

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Entrance in the park - 31°26,860'N, 121°05,788'E
  2. Bus-stop near the park - 31°26,768'N, 121°05,576'E
  3. Shopping street near the park - 31°26,812'N, 121°05,815'E

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