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Haitianchan Temple located in the eastern part of Taicang - 8 km from the center. Haitianchan Temple are still under construction, but main pavilions and halls are opened to visit. Generally I don't have enough information about the temple history. Nevertheless Haitianchan is very interesting place in Taicang. Local monks allow to photograph inside the halls. And pagoda of the temple is only public place to see all Taicang city.

Author will be glad to receive any information about Haitianchan Temple in English or Russian.

3 RMB (1$ - 6,9 RMB)
How to get in this place:
Bus No.203, then go on foot (10-15 min)
By taxi (20 RMB).
But returning to the city by taxi is a problem. The temple area is thinly populated suburb, and taking a taxi is difficult. In that case you can get private carriers on motor tricycle and go to the nearest highway (5 RMB). Than take ordinary taxi to the city (private carriers can't drive on highway). The second variant is the agreement that taxi driver return for you. Most of drivers don't understand English but it's possible to explain what you want. Cellphone is very useful. Give your phone number to taxi driver. When you ready to return to the city just call him. Your number appears on his cellphone and he should understand (I hope) it's time to go for you. In that case fare can be double.

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Entrance to the temple - 31°28,940'N, 121°08,960'E
  2. Bus No.203 stop - 31°28,635'N, 121°08,469'E
  3. Highway exit to the temple - 31°28,204'N, 121°08,792'E

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