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Taicang map for GPS

Click the button below and load 00000027.img file. This file contains maps of Taicang. The map is made by author for FREE USE.

Load Taicang map for GPS

Remarks on the map.
  • If you can't load map by the button above try this link
  • This map is composed on basis of Google Earth pictures ( Part of these pictures are out of date. There are also places with inaccurate stitching (sometimes shifts are up to 35-40 meters). Remember about this.
  • It's the first version of the map. The map has rivers and lakes, roads, parks. This version hasn't names of roads, street labels and the like.
  • Size of the map is 0,2 Mb.
  • The map appears on GPS screen from 8 km zoom (depending on GPS-navigator model and its settings). As the map is zoomed in the new objects are drawn.
  • I have tested this map on Garmin GPSmap 60CSx unit (the model characteristics). I don't know, if the map works with others GPS units. Try yourself.
  • Before loading you have to install drivers and software for your GPS (Page with drivers for Garmin GPS).
  • Garmin offers its own "MapSource" soft (Page with software for Garmin GPS). But this programm doesn't work with self-made and unofficial maps. Therefore I use another software.
    Well if you still want load the map in GPS by MapSource and you don't fear to deal with Windows registry welcome to this page.
How upload map to GPS.

You need two programmes : sendmap20.exe and Img2gps.exe. They work together. Img2gps.exe is a Windows GUI for the sendmap20.exe DOS application. The latest free version of the programmes you can load here : In the same place you can find manual. After installation label of img2gps.exe appears in menu "Start".

Warning!!! When you load new maps in GPS by sendmap20.exe programm the old ones in GPS memory are erased!!!
By the way, MapSource also erases old maps at the time of loading new ones.

There are three solutions for this problem.
1-st variant
You have backup of your maps on hard disk and you don't need of old maps in the moment. In that case just load map of Taicang in GPS. Later you can restore old maps from backup.
2-nd variant
You don't need of the old maps in the moment, but you don't have backup of your maps on hard disk. In that case you have to get old maps from GPS to your PC. You can do it with help native "Map Source" soft (if maps are official) or GPSDaemon.exe free programme (Load GPSDaemon.exe). Short manual for the software is here. After you get old maps, upload map of Taicang.
3-rd variant
You don't want to delete old maps from GPS. In that case copy map of Taicang and old maps from GPS in same folder on PC. After upload them in GPS together. Old maps will be wiped anyway, but you record them again.
Note : if your GPS supports micro-sd you can use another one for the new maps.

Well, upload process itself.

Start img2gps.exe from "Start" menu.
1. Choose folder with map files to send in GPS.
2. All maps in the folder appear in the table. Check maps to load.
3. Choose type of loading.
4. Examine size of maps for loading (it should be less than GPS memory).
5. Click "Upload to GPS" button and wait until loading stop.

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